Frequently Asked Questions…

We recommend that children start with weekly learning packs in year 5.

We will stagger papers according to time scales that schools cover curriculum topics. Ofcourse there will be times when your child encounters a topic they have not covered. Encourage them to try and write down what they know about it. We want to help them develop their confidence attempting questions they aren’t 100% sure of. Give them a high five for giving it a go! Who knows, they may even score some marks  for working out.

Although tempting, please try and avoid getting involved during or after they have taken the test. You may want to encourage your child to re-read a question because they have it wrong and you know they are capable of doing it. Remember testing is not only about content knowledge and creative problem solving, it is also about developing skills of attention, concentration and focus. If they have made a basic error, allow them the opportunity to feel the effect of them once they have been marked. We very much encourage you to go through the paper with your child once they have been returned. This will be a good opportunity for you to go through conceptual errors or discuss distractions that cause basic errors.

Agree with your child when will be a suitable day and time to take the test. Try and get into a routine of doing it the same day each week. Make sure your child has a comfortable, quiet and big enough work space where he/she won’t be distracted. Provide your child with all the stationary they require.  A clock should be visible encouraging them to become more conscious of time.

With practice children will develop the necessary skills to complete papers in the allocated time. It is common for children that begin taking these tests to work at a slower pace. With practice their speed will improve.

Please feel free to send us an email at learn@prepbypost.co.uk if you have any other questions, suggestions or simply want to give feedback.
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