Our Story

We are Prep By Post, a team of educational specialists who care about helping children reach their full potential.

As many children prepare for the eleven plus & pre-test exams, we recognise the need for a more balanced, whole-child approach towards preparation that not only boosts their academic skill sets but improves and develops their mental health & emotional wellbeing.

With the education system’s significant focus on exam results and direct comparisons, some students and parents become more focused on performance rather than the effort required to achieve it. This over-focus on exams is causing emotional and mental health problems amongst children.

We want to ensure that children are prepared academically, mentally and emotionally ensuring they are not only confident with the 11 plus syllabus, but able to manage all the other challenges they may face with exam preparation such as motivation, procrastination, anxiety, stress and other difficult emotions.

By enabling children to develop a positive self-esteem and realise their capabilities, we acknowledge that relevant opportunities which correspond with their unique personality, gifts, talents & abilities will unravel.

PrepByPost offers Personal Tuition and Learning Packs by Post


We have created an affordable correspondence 11+ exam programme, where students are facilitated through the entire eleven plus curriculum with targeted weekly test papers & mindfulness activities, all while developing transferable life skills such as independence, accountability, self-discipline, self-reflection & resilience.


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