Our Story

Having been in education as both class and specialist teachers, we are only too aware of the hyper-competitive admission process year 6 children face when applying for selective schools.

Prep By Post follows a structured 11+ programme offering weekly learning packs with relevant 11+ exam paper practice while their allocated mentor assesses progress, offers solutions, constructive feedback and guidance, facilitating an affordable, fun way to help students prepare for the 11+ exams .

PrepByPost offers Personal Tuition and Learning Packs by Post

While we believe that children are accepted into schools most appropriate to their needs and abilities, we understand the desire for parents to offer their children the best preparation opportunities available. As competition into selective schools escalate so do the expectations and benchmarks set.

Our main priority as class teachers remains concept development, but acknowledge the importance of exam practice with constructive feedback.

Prep by Post was born from the demand of year 5 and 6 parents who were seeking additional exam paper practice and feedback without the need of one-on-one private tutors.

Correspondence with your child takes place with teachers all familiar in taking children through the 11+ exams.

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